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Support for the Bridges project

Bridging borders.
Bridging language.
Maybe. Somehow. A little. Arrive.

The "Bridges" project has been supporting and promoting children, teenagers and young adults with refugee experience aged 5-28 with various musical activities on site since 2015 - in two Heidelberg refugee shelters since 2023.

Since then, with the help of smaller and larger grants, we have been able to continue our weekly activities and thus carry out very important relationship and resilience work.

Unfortunately, the project has never been funded for longer than 6 months since 2021.

We are currently in the process of applying for funding that will hopefully secure the project for 3 years - with luck, it will continue in September 2024!

Our current financing will soon expire in March 2024.

"Brigdes" gives children, teenagers and young adults a tangible support and enables (musical) encounters of a special kind.

We don't want to pause this under any circumstances!

We are therefore dependent on your help.
We would like to continue our services with your donations.


Professionally qualified, experienced, culturally and trauma-sensitive music educators, music therapists and musicians make up the multi-professional team. They are: Jutta Glaser, Cordula Reiner-Wormit, Samuel Gracida, Sergio Rojas, Zelia Fonseca, Elisa Herbig, Noemi Herberger, Oliver Kuka, & Diane Jeeranut Pitzer.

We regularly take part in supervision to ensure the quality of our work.


Playroom music - a piece of home

The low-threshold "Spielraum Musik" program invites local children and young people to join an open, but reliable weekly music group. Singing and making music together in a group strengthens the sense of community, emotional well-being, social interaction and respect for one another. It mobilizes mental resilience (-> resilience) in order to find a good, healthy, self-empowering way to deal with difficulties (-> empowerment).

Private lessons

Learning a musical instrument supports self-esteem and the ability to express one's own feelings. Experiencing self-efficacy and ability increases a positive willingness to make an effort, self-confidence and the experience of being able to achieve something and be proud of oneself.

Band workshops

This is where those who already receive individual lessons come together. In the band workshops, participants can put what they have learned into practice. In combination with making music together, this naturally creates community-building encounters.



Donations for the project are still welcome and can be transferred to the following account using the reference "Bridges":

Account holder: Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof e.V.
IBAN: DE22 6709 2300 0033 3719 77
Credit institution: Volksbank Kurpfalz eG

How to support bridges

You can support us with a donation by either clicking on the button to go to betterplace.org or by making a bank transfer to the above account of Kulturhaus Karlstorbahnhof e.V.