About Us


"Bridges" is designed to reach, support, and encourage children, youth, and young adults with refugee experience ages 5-28 through a variety of musical offerings.


This year, the intercultural association IKUMU from Heidelberg submitted an application for the funding program "AUF!leben" from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs as part of the action program of the German Children and Youth Foundation "Catching up with Corona". The application was approved and the diverse offers in "Bridges" could take place from March to August 2022.

Professionally qualified, professionally experienced, culturally sensitive and trauma-sensitive music educators, music therapists and musicians form the multi-professional team. They are: Jutta Glaser, Cordula Reiner-Wormit, Samuel Gracida, Sergio Rojas, Zelia Fonseca, Elisa Herbig, Noemi Hohberger, Oliver Kuka, & Diane J. Pitzer.

A film about the work within the Bridges project.

What elements does Bridges include?

Playroom music - a piece of home

The low-threshold offer "Spielraum Musik" invites local children and young people to an open, but reliably weekly music group. Singing and making music together in a group strengthens the sense of community, mental well-being, social interaction and respect for one another. It mobilizes the mental resilience to always find a good, healthy, autonomous way to deal with difficulties (-> empowerment).


Private lessons

Learning a musical instrument supports self-esteem and the ability to express one's own feelings. Experiencing self-efficacy and ability increases a positive willingness to make an effort, self-confidence and the experience of being able to achieve something and be proud of oneself.

The employees are trained specifically for this interdisciplinary project through advanced training and receive regular supervision for quality assurance.

Band project

Our band project allows kids, especially those taking lessons, to come together and work toward a common goal, whether it's playing a song, writing a song, or organizing a concert.


Intercultural concerts

Intercultural concerts with professional, internationally known musicians* have taken place in refugee shelters in Heidelberg and the surrounding area. Future concerts will bring more musicians and the local community together to promote integration, understanding and joy.